Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship to England?

A: Yes, we are able to ship to England

Q: I am Dracula, and i often throw wine glasses at people when i get angry, i always have a wine glass with me. I actually hate wine, and never drink out of the glass. Would this be a good substitute that also sets them on fire?

A: It won't set them on fire, but smashing it on the ground will look great when you ask your victim, "What is a man?

Q: After the entire wine wax burns away, do you have to wash out the glass first before wine use? Oh, and is the glass dishwasher safe?

A: Yes to both questions. You don't want to put wine in a glass that still has bits of jellied candle fuel in it, do you?

Q: Do you deliver to canada?

A: Yes, we offer shipping to Canada.

Q: Hi. I was thinking that you could use the Water candle kit with the empty glass. I also read other customers say something about burning the water candle wick on alcohol. Isn't alcohol extremely flammable, making this undo-able?

A: It depends on the percentage of alcohol being used, but either way it would be a waste of perfectly good alcohol. As for the glasses themselves, they would make excellent holders for our H2O Water Candles.

Q: Will there ever be a boot shaped candle to complete this collection?

A: If there is, you can bet that we'd carry it!

Q: Which of the two Wine candles smells better; Merlot or Chardonnay? Thanks to who ever answers this!

A: They both smell excellent. Personally, I'm more of a red wine fan, so I would have to go with the Merlot.

Q: Is there any kind of refill kit for these? I would rather use it as a candle again, as long as it looked and smelled just as it did the first time.

A: Sorry, but there is not a refill kit for Wine Glass Candles.

Q: I know this is a stupid question but does white cake actually smell like cake or is that the name for a wine.

A: It's a perfectly fine question. The scent is actually the scent of white cake.

Q: My sister loves wine, when i say she loves wine i mean she LOVES WINE, so if she accidently drinks the gel from inside can it harm her?

A: The gel is fairly solid, so it's extremely unlikely that she will confuse it for real wine.

Q: When the gel runs out, after you wash it will it still have a gel-like or candle-like taste?

A: You'll want to make sure you wash out the glasses very thoroughly to avoid having any residual flavor from the candle.

Q: Why does the champagne candle burn for twenty hours while the other candles burn 25 hours?

A: The Champagne Candle has a little less fuel in it than the others.

Q: Can't you just put the H20 Instant Water Candle Kit into a wine glass instead? It's around 5 times cheaper and more realistic.

A: You could, but it's not exactly the same thing. The Wine Glass Candles are filled with a jelly-like fuel and wick that runs down the center of that fuel. Also, they are scented, and as of yet there is no reliable way to scent H2O Water Candles. What you can do, however, is use the glasses as holders for the H2O water candles once they are burned out.

Q: I don't drink wine, but could you fill it with wine and then use a Water Candle?

A: We think that would be an excellent use of your emptied Wine Glass Candles!

Q: I am nine if my mom or dad get some and i smell it will I pass out?

A: No, the candles are completely non-alcoholic and the smell will not be intoxicating (at least not in the literal sense).

Q: You know how sometimes when a candle is burning, the glass gets black from the smoke. Will it happen on the these glasses?

A: This did not happen during our tests.

Q: Video? 🙂 And is the gel squishy?

A: There are not plans for a Wine Glass Candle video at the moment. Yes, the gel is squishy. It is not hard like regular candle wax.

Q: Will the gel leave any residue after It's done burning?

A: There will probably be a little residue from the gel, so you should definitely wash the glass thoroughly before attempting to drink from it.

Q: But won't there be a wax smell or taste if you re-use it to drink wine ?

A: Once all the wax gel is removed and the glass is thoroughly cleaned, you should not find there to be any residual odor or flavor. It may take a couple cleanings to get the glass perfectly clean.

Q: Am I first? And which sent is the strongest, merlot or chardonnay? Thanks.

A: All of our Wine and Champagne Glass Candles have a fairly equal strength in regards to scent, but the Merlot (to me at least) seems the most rich.

Q: Does it smell of wine?

A: You bet! When lit, the candles will fill the room with the scent of merlot or chardonnay.

Q: What is the glass made of.. like plastic or...?

A: No plastic at all! Each glass is made of heat-tempered, high quality glass.

Q: Why is the champagne cheaper?

A: The Champagne Glass Candle is a little smaller and has a shorter burn time than the Wine Glass Candles (20 hours as opposed to 25 hours).

Q: You have to wash the candle wax before you put drinks in it right? Also, it is good for parents right?

A: Yes, you should be sure to wash all the residual wax out of the glass before using it to drink from. I think your parents would absolutely love it!

Q: Will the dishwasher get all the wax out, or will I have to hand wash it?

A: Assuming you've already burned out most of the wax, the dishwasher should get the remaining residue off the glass, but it may require multiple cleanings.

Q: Can you really use the glass for wine after?

A: Absolutely! Just make sure you thoroughly clean the glass before using it for drinking.

Q: After the candle is gone, can you put it in the dish washer to clean it, or do you have to hand wash it?

A: The wine glasses are dishwasher safe and able to be reused for drinking.

Q: Are they wine glasses?

A: Yes, these are made using real wine glasses.

Q: How does it work?

A: These work just like any other candle, only much more elegant!

Q: Is the wax liquid or does it look like liquid?

A: The wax is actually a gel that looks nearly identical to white wine, red wine, or champagne. It is not liquid.

Q: Is the gel non-toxic?

A: The gel is non-toxic. We do not recommend consuming it no matter how delicious it smells! This is a question

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