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I (Mamta Mishra), mother of Parag Mishra, am the advocate and the owner of this business. This is a venture to see if I can help Parag to become financially independent while he creatively works in a safe and loving environment.

Parag was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years and 7 months old.  To tackle Parag’s autism, I went to Jacksonville State University to get my Masters in Special Education and started Parag’s homeschool program. Initially the homeschool addressed the three deficit areas: behaviors, socialization and communication. Now the focus of our homeschool has shifted to address functional verbal communication and vocational training.

PM Candles and Cosmetics is a project to transform Parag’s vocational training into a viable business. The success of this venture has a potential to not only make Parag financially independent but give hope to individuals with autism and their families. The goal is to make everyone “HOPELESSLY HOPEFUL” through Parag’s story and our journey!

Mamta Mishra

(Advocate and mother of Parag Mishra)

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